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The Financial Marketers’ Index, explores the key challenges, most effective strategies, and future predictions of financial marketing and communications (marcomms) leaders across the globe.

It is part of a collaboration between strategic insight agency Opinium and Financial Narrative to give financial marcomms leaders visibility into a rapidly evolving landscape. Last year’s report shone a light on a sector adapting fast in the new pandemic era. This year’s report looks at the longer-term impacts of 2020 and beyond—identifying emerging trends, opportunities and threats for our marcomms leaders.

Covid Impact

From Crisis Mode to Business as Usual (BAU+)
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As businesses are starting to come out of ‘fight or flight’ mode and towards business as usual (BAU). the efforts that have proven to be the most effective to date have been ‘aligning brand promise with customer experience’ with 57% of marketing and comms professionals reporting this as an area of success


Key to Professional Growth
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63% of marcomms leaders say that they need connections and networking to reach the next stage of their careers

Barriers to Success

Strategic Direction and Mental Wellbeing
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About two thirds (65%) of American workers struggled with their mental health in the past year, up from 55% when asked in 2020. In this study, we found that financial marketing leaders were part of that trend with 11% reporting their own mental wellbeing as a barrier to success

Hiring and Retaining Talent

skilled talent shortage

3 in 10 say they struggle to retain employees while one in three (36%) are unable to find employees to fill open roles

Looking Ahead

Social impact and ESG
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Communicating about ESG is growing in significance within the financial marcomms space, both on a short and long-term basis. 67% of leaders say it’s a top priority in the short term, and 72% say it’s a priority in the next 2 – 3 years

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Financial Marketers' Index Methodology

The study is based on an in-depth online survey of 105 financial services marketing and communications CMOs, CCOs, department heads, VPs and Directors around the world between July 16 and September 1 2021. The study also includes insights from a variety of sources including outside studies and reflections from leading financial marketing and communication executives.

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