AI Disrupt: The Future of Financial Marketing & Communication with ChatGPT

When Jason Schechter, CCO at Bloomberg prompted chatGPT to answer the question “How will generative AI impact the role and day-to-day tasks of marcomms leaders?”, the response was: Overall, chatGPT has the potential to enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts allowing marketing & communications professional to focus on higher-level tasks that require human expertise and creativity. Jason rated the answer B-. 

With room for improvement, it’s clear that the rapid development and potential applications of AI across the financial marketing and communications landscape will only continue to rise in coming years.

Kicking off March Event Madness, Financial Narrative hosted a thought-provoking discussion on the rapid developments of generative AI, its implications and use cases for financial marcomms leaders and the best ways to utilize chatGPT for content creation and marketing strategy. The stellar lineup of experts leading the conversation about AI in our industry:

David Blackburn, Head of Digital Marketing at ProShares and Financial Narrative Board Member

Jason Schechter, CCO at Bloomberg

Katherine Lucas, Head of Marketing & Commercialization at State Street

Kevin Trowbridge, CTO at Qwoted

Lisa Lanspery, VP Corporate Comms & PR at Synchrony

Watch below to catch up on the conversation. 

To keep the conversation and AI-focused learning going, join us for a round-table discussion on March 23 focusing on best practices, new developments, and use cases for ChatGPT and other AI tools in financial marcomms. 


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