Content Marketing in a Brave New World

In a time of uncertainty, technology disruption and global turmoil when branding and finance businesses need to build trust and brand awareness, content marketing has become the go-to tool to create engaging, forward-thinking and approachable content to reach and educate customers. 

Shindy Chen, Founder and CEO of Scribe, hosted four financial content marketing leaders to talk about the way they keep their finger on the content marketing pulse, navigating compliance guidelines and effective strategies in today’s market. 

  • Bianca Bonfirm – Senior Marketing Manager and Growth Lead,
  • Kristin Allton –  Content Marketing Strategist,
  • Meredith Rodemeyer – Vice President, Content Strategy, Marcus by Goldman Sachs
  • Benjamin Miller – Senior Manager, Content, TD Ameritrad

Below we share a few of the high points and key take-aways from the conversation:

  • Diversifying your content in terms of style, focus and intent are essential. The more variety of content (think evergreen, timely long-form articles, editorials, webinars, videos, socials, and brand-building content), the more audiences 
  • Customers are looking to make sense of what’s happening in the financial sector. Creating content to inform their financial decisions will lead to better short and long-term engagement. The more information and know-how that companies share, the more respected and trusted the organization will be. Building trust, especially in the financial sector, is crucial. 
  • Defining (and later re-defining) content strategy and measuring content effectiveness is an ongoing and ever-changing task. Data is the secret sauce that can amp up the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy. Levering data about customers and content to segment and target audiences – then thoughtfully targeting them at the right time in the right way -, will drive higher traffic and conversion. 
  • Navigating compliance guidelines can be tricky and time-consuming, but working together with compliance teams and setting goals and expectations will greatly aid in producing content at speed.

Thank you to all our panelists, host for leading this conversation and to the members who shared their own experiences and insights with the group. 

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