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Contract Writer/Producer

As a Contract Writer/Producer, you’ll be responsible for creating educational content that will help everyday people become better-informed investors. You’ll play a number of roles, including writer, storyteller, researcher, designer, and content manager.

The ideal candidate is comfortable writing for a variety of media types, including video, articles/blog posts, online courses, and webcasts.

Success will require understanding of how people think and learn, high attention to detail, the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, the ability to collaborate with a variety of other teams, and a knack for translating complex concepts into layman’s terms.

About the Position







Education and Experience Requirements

Bachelors of Major Preferred:

Creative Writing, English, Business, Marketing, or related field
0-3 Years of Related Experience

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Create educational content in multiple formats

Example tasks:

Research and script an explainer video about an investing topic. Collaborate with the visual design team to storyboard the video and provide feedback on visuals.

Revise online course copy, video scripts, graphic descriptions, and metadata based on feedback from various stakeholders. Collaborate with visual design and development teams to build the course and ensure it launches on time.

Manage content through approval and publishing process

Example tasks:

Use project management and collaboration tools (Jira, Excel, Teams, etc.) to solicit feedback and approvals from stakeholders, provide status updates, etc.

Load content into content management systems (e.g., Drupal)

Specialized skills, experience, abilities, and knowledge required:

Demonstrated superior writing skills

Experience designing and creating a variety of content assets, such as video, live workshops, webinars, or online courses

Solid project management skills and experience working successfully with cross-functional teams

Can organize and prioritize activities in order to handle multiple assignments effectively

Experience creating investing/trading content is preferred but not required

How to Apply

To apply, please email with the position you are interested in and any additional information you see necessary.