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Get to know your fellow Financial Narrative members through this informal networking opportunity. The hour will be spent getting to know one another virtually through…

Financial Storytelling and China: A CMO & CCO Round Table with Adam Harper, former Head of Communications, HSBC China

Financial brands from across the globe have moved to develop their business in China, but navigating the complexities of geopolitics, public opinion, and running a business with Chinese partners presents a slew of marketing challenges.

Adam Harper, Managing Director of Ashbury Communications and former Head of Communications for HSBC China is a leader in managing sensitive, complex cross-border reputational issues involving China. He will lead a private session for Financial Narrative members discussing:

Working with local partners in China
Navigating Chinese media and social media
Managing your global reputation in the midst of geopolitical shifts

Small Enough to Jail: A Discussion with Jill & Vera Sung of Abacus Bank, Focus of the Award Winning Documentary Abacus

Virtual Event

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, only one U.S. bank faced criminal charges: Abacus Federal Savings of Chinatown, New York. The indictment and subsequent trial forced the Sung family, who owned the small community bank, to defend themselves – and their bank’s legacy in the Chinatown community – over the course of a five-year legal battle.

“Abacus: Small Enough to Jail”, an award-winning documentary, traces the story of the Sung family’s struggle.

In an exclusive interview for Financial Narrative, Dan Simon, CEO of Vested will host a conversation with Jill and Vera Sung as they share their experiences defending their family’s bank and their views on the role of community banks today.


Communicating Your Evolving Workplace Strategy A Financial CCO/ CMO Round Table with Rebecca Katz, Vanguard’s Principal & Senior Comms Advisor, China

Effectively communicating your workplace strategy to internal and external stakeholders in today’s environment is a constant challenge, especially as that strategy evolves differently across teams and geographies. The challenge for financial communications leaders is how to communicate to your team and the public while instilling confidence, even as the situation changes daily.

Perhaps your Europe and Asia teams are going back to the office or opening to the public while your US team is remaining remote. One thing is consistent, though: the need to communicate a clear plan to your employees, customers, and the media.

In this session, Rebecca Katz, Principal & Senior Communications Advisor for Vanguard, China will discuss her recent experiences leading comms in both the US and China and how Vanguard is communicating with their stakeholders. This is an interactive session, so come prepared for a rigorous conversation about:

1. Communicating your workplace strategy to your internal team
2. Smoothly sharing changes to the strategy as they occur
3. Creating communication plans for when team members are exposed or infected with COVID-19
4. When and how to communicate your strategy to customers


Meet the Members: A Virtual Whiskey Tasting – Exclusive Event for Financial CMOs & CCOs

Virtual Event

Get to know Financial Narrative members while also learning a bit about whiskey. This event is a virtual whiskey tasting guided by experts from The Whiskey Library. Each attendee will receive a tasting set of three blended malt whiskies to sample during the event. There will also be opportunities to socialize with other Financial Narrative members in small groups during the event.

Come ready to end the week on a high note and get to know some of your financial marketing peers.


Financial Narrative Board Meeting

The Financial Narrative board meets every quarter to discuss upcoming programming and the overall direction of the organization. This is a private meeting for board…