Index 2022

From Opinium & Financial Narrative

An in-depth global study of financial services marketing & communications leaders.
This extensive report has been produced In partnership with strategic insight agency, Opinium, to position the voices of senior financial marketeers at the forefront of a rapidly evolving landscape.
This is the third report of its kind and represents marketing and communications professionals across the global financial services industry. This year’s report focuses on understanding leaders’ key challenges, most effective strategies and top predictions for 2023.

Find out where financial services marcomms is headed

Emphasis on growth and stability as ESG takes a back seat

With an increased focus on growth,

0 %
of marcomms leaders indicate expanding and marketing their offering has been a key area of focus.

Lack of resources becomes a key barrier to strategic thinking

A worrying trend of decreasing strategic partnership between marcomms and the C-suite continues.

Budgets & teams have enjoyed growth but signs of a slow down in 2023

Marketing teams have avoided decreases in 2022 and comms teams have enjoyed major growth.

Financial Marketers’ Index 2022

An impending recession starts to affect executional plans

Fears of an impending recession has had at least a slight impact on existing plans for four in ten marcomms leaders.

Satisfaction with career trajectories sees leaders shifting their focus inward, seeking innovative ways to increase their effectiveness

42 % of marcomms leaders see mentorship as a key to unlocking their next career move

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This is the third Financial Marketers’ Index, exploring the key challenges, most effective strategies, and future predictions of financial marketing and communications (marcomms) leaders across the globe. It is part of a collaboration between strategic insight agency Opinium and Financial Narrative to give financial marcomms leaders visibility into a rapidly evolving landscape.   The study is based on an in-depth online survey of 102 financial services marketing and communications CMOs, CCOs, department heads, VPs and Directors around the world between July and August 2022.

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