Financial Marketing Must Embrace More Innovative Storytelling

Reaching existing and potential new customers has never been easier, but also has never been more challenging. The explosion of digital and social media means there are plenty of outlets to share marketing messaging with consumers. But the challenge for financial marketers is to use the right kind of messaging and the right tactics on the appropriate platform.

That’s one big reason why 2021 will see financial marketers adopt more innovative storytelling tactics, according to this article from Tearsheet.

Lauren Weinberg, global head of marketing for Square, is quoted in the article saying, “this will help brands more closely align with their customers in order to share relatable and empathetic messaging. With the changing digital landscape, marketers will continue to test new platforms and channels in 2021. Companies should be ready to scale these platforms to find new ways to build connections and engage with their audiences.”

The use of influencers will also play a key role in driving marketing efforts, notes Trevor Ford, head of growth at fintech Yotta Savings. “While unsolicited marketing material may land on deaf ears when delivered directly from a brand, hearing one’s favorite online personality list the perks of signing up for an account with a brand directly to their thousands or millions of followers may be the nudge a potential customer needs.”

Financial marketers cannot rest on their laurels; campaigns that worked in recent years may not be as successful going forward. Consumer content consumption habits are constantly shifting, and brands need the right messaging in the right channel to succeed.


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