How to Protect Your Brand When Digital Advertising

brands digital advertising

Like companies in all industries, financial services firms are getting more judicious in how they spend digital advertising dollars, and with whom. In particular, there has been increased scrutiny towards the two major digital advertising platforms — Google and Facebook — over concerns such as data privacy and monitoring of hate speech, among other issues. 

Some advertisers are tackling brand safety issues by going a step further and launching frameworks for responsible media buying, according to an article in SmartBrief, such as by holding media companies with whom they do business accountable. Indeed, it’s clearly becoming more important for businesses to carefully choose the platforms they advertise on. 

They are also taking more control over their messaging as well. 

“Another way marketers can achieve brand-safety piece of mind is with advertising enabled, human-curated email newsletters — traditionally some of the safest platforms on which brands can run their ad campaigns,” SmartBrief further states. “Knowing your message likely won’t run next to controversial stories or inappropriate content, but rather content hand-picked for a particular audience and publication is a tremendous anxiety-reducing thing for marketers to enjoy.”

It’s clear that advertisers are taking a more proactive stance on how and where their digital ads appear. This is a trend we would expect to continue. 


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