Lightning in a Bottle: How the Fearless Girl campaign became a movement

Creating a great marketing campaign is one thing, but Stephen Tisdalle, creator of the iconic Fearless Girl has created a cultural symbol that became far more than a marketing campaign. In the four years since its creation, the Fearless Girl statue has faced down the Wall Street bull, donned a mask, honored Ruth Bader Ginsberg, been surrounded by a broken glass ceiling, and become a symbol for women’s empowerment and inclusion, especially on corporate boards.

Watch a recording of the session hosted by Kirti Naik, Head of Marketing and Communications for BNY Mellon Wealth Management, to hear Stephen Tisdalle share his experiences creating the campaign, the results that State Street Global Advisors has seen from the work, the evolution of Fearless Girl today, and lessons that Stephen has learned from leading the effort.

The 4 key points to take back to your team from this session are:

  • Remember to connect the emotional with the rational when you think about building your brand.
  • It’s ok to launch brand efforts that are somewhat aspirational. The Fearless Girl campaign was about State Street’s belief in representation for women on boards. That doesn’t mean that they had achieved perfect representation in their own company, but that they are working towards it and believe in it as a guiding principle.
  • Bring the agency you are working with in close – you will get a much better outcome and partnership from them.
  • The art of storytelling is really important! How we do it, and ensuring it’s done in an authentic way is essential.

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