Managing Change on Many Front: Insights and Trends from our 2021 Financial Marketer’s Index

Where does financial marketing stand when it comes to adapting to pandemic-fueled, emerging technology-backed changes in 2021? To answer these questions, Financial Narrative conducted proprietary research in collaboration with strategic insight agency Opinium to learn about their key challenges, most effective strategies, and predictions for 2022 and beyond.

In this webinar,  Alyssa Gilmore, Global Head of Comms, Financial Products at Bloomberg LP and Financial Narrative Board Member, talked with Alexa Nightingale, Research Director and Partner of Opinium and Giulia Prati, Vice President of Research at Opinion who presented and discussed the findings of this research. They highlighted the clear change in operation directions for most financial marcomms leaders – away from the crisis mode of 2020 focusing on COVID-19 – and into a more social-focused “return to normal”; the ongoing challenges of hiring and retaining talent in the industry and strategic objectives for 2022. 

Watch the complete presentation below. 

Thank you to all the researchers at Opinium, host for leading these exploratory findings, and to the members who shared their own experiences and insights as part of research.

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