The Changing Role of Communications – A Conversation with Jake Siewert

“This profession, communications, has gotten more complex and nuanced and more thoughtful. It’s a much more complicated matrix now and that just makes it a much more skilled position. It’s still fundamentally about common sense, but it’s a lot more nuanced in the way that you can approach things than it was in the past. “

Communications leader, Jake Siewert, understands the changing nature of communications. His career has spanned from White House Press Secretary to the Head of Corporate Communications for Goldman Sachs. He is now joining Warburg Pincus where he will be leading global public policy and political risk.

In this conversation, Jake talked with Leigh Farris, Partner and Global Head of Corporate Communications for Carlyle about getting major corporations to define their voice, create and own their own channels, engage more and more effectively, and finding the right brand ambassadors.

Watch the full discussion below.

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