The Importance of Financial Content Marketing

When looking for goods or services in any industry, most consumers do research online first. This is especially true for financial services; people want to make sure if they are entrusting a company to grow their wealth or handle their money, that company is reputable and has a proven track record of success.

That’s why content marketing is so critical in the financial space, notes this article from The article cites a 2018 National Financial Capability Study, which states that 53% of Americans surveyed reported feeling anxious thinking about their personal finances. Another 51 percent also fear running out of money in retirement.

“These concerns offer financial institutions a way to connect with their customers by providing customized financial content that addresses their issues,” the article states. “All successful content marketing strategies begin by defining the audience for your content. Depending on the type of financial services you offer, you’ll want to aim your content at businesses or regular consumers (or both). Each audience needs different types of financial content.”

The content can range from blogs to ebooks, short videos offering bits of advice, social media and email marketing.

Whatever form your content takes, the important thing is to tailor it to your audience, and position your firm as a trusted partner that can help ease the anxiety and burden of managing personal finances.


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