The Importance of Tactical, Targeted Messaging for Financial Marketers

Financial marketers are always looking for new channels and ways to connect with new and existing customers. This is especially true today, as digital habits developed by consumers during Covid-related lockdowns last year have become permanent, and delivery channels have largely moved online.

But marketers should not fall into the trap of trying to be all things to all people. Financial marketers should instead try to take a targeted approach that can scale, says Taylor Schulte of financial advisory firm Definite Financial in an interview with Investopedia.

“I think a lot of advisors try to do too much all at once, and it’s just not possible to be successful with all of those things at the same time,” says Schulte, as quoted in the article. “Focusing on one marketing activity that supports your marketing goals, and that speaks to your target demographic, is where most advisors should spend their time.”

For example, this could mean focusing on one social media channel where you already have a significant presence, as opposed to trying to branch out to every platform. Marketers should also be keenly awarer of their target audience, what platforms they are on and what messaging specifically they respond to.

Ultimately, marketers need to play to their strengths, be tactical and strategic. Doing so will result in authentic messaging that doesn’t come off as contrived and will resonate with your audience.


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