The Talent Crisis: How the Pandemic is Disrupting Hiring and Retention in Financial Services

Right now, everyone can agree that financial services, in line with practically every industry, is struggling with hiring and retaining talent. The ‘Great Resignation’ has seen waves of professionals stepping away from the workforce, creating an increasingly tight labor market. 

How financial marcomms leaders and hiring managers are handling today’s Talent Crisis was the focus of our latest webinar, with Susan Thomas, Client Partner at Heyman Associates and Christina Twomey, Vice President, Global Head of Communications for S&P Global and Global Head of Comms for S&P Global Sustainable1.

The 5 key points to take back to your team from this session are:

  • Organizations are now completely rethinking how they attract, retain, and manage their talent. Educate yourself on the current market conditions and talent landscape. 
  • Today’s talent craves flexibility, autonomy and purpose. “There is tremendous focus now on organizations: what you are doing in DEI, ESG, what’s your sustainability policy and what’s going on in CSR. And, obviously, what’s happening around COVID – do you have remote working or not.” 
  • Invest and advocate for your team members and be the leader that supports true growth and learning. Good leaders understand the importance of investing in each individual, strengthening the group dynamic and advocating for the value of their team. Whenever possible, use analytics to demonstrate the power of your team.  
  • When it comes to attracting talent, your reputation as a leader is often as important as your company’s reputation. If you have a strong reputation, key talent will come looking for an opportunity to work with you.  
  • As senior-level job seekers, keep investing in yourself and your connections. Professional coaches and resume specialists can be profoundly helpful in telling your story and opening new doors in your professional journey.


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